International Conference KYIV ARBITRATION DAYS 2022 "After the war: the legal battles"

UAA is pleased to invite you to the International Conference KYIV ARBITRATION DAYS 2022: "After the war: the legal battles" taking place online on November 10-11.


This year’s program includes:

Panel 1

  • How to prepare?
  • How to determine damages
  • How to choose counsel
  • How to choose arbitrators
  • What is unique about choosing counsel and arbitrators?
  • Budget and third-party funding

Panel 2

Where to go:

  • National courts?
  • Special tribunal or claims commission?
  • Investment arbitration,
  • International tribunals for Russian war crimes, where we stand now?
  • Other venues?

Panel 3

Enforcement into:

  • Russian state assets?
  • Property of Russian state companies?
  • Property of sanctioned Russian oligarchs?

Panel 4

  • The impact of sanctions
  • A fertile ground for disputes
  • Energy disputes  arising from oil and gas embargoes
  • Sanctions as force majeure? Practical problems in arbitration with sanctioned entities
  • Enforcement in favor of sanctioned entities: What about public policy?


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Preliminary registration is required. To register, please follow the link:

For more information please contact the UBA Secretariat by: +380 (44) 492-88-48, e-mail: Contact person – Tetiana Osaulenko.

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Ukrainian Arbitration Association is informarional partner of the event.


Join us and see you at the Conference!


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