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General Meeting of Members of Association

The General Meeting of the members of the Association is the supreme governing body of the Association and is entitled to resolve any issues related to the activities of the Association.


The Board is a permanent governing body of the Association consisting of at least three but not more than nine members. It takes decisions on all matters not referred to the reserved matters of the General Meeting and the President.


The President governs the activities of the Association. He/She is elected by the General Meeting for a term of four years and is the highest official of the Association. The President may elect deputies (vice-presidents) among the members of the Board in order to improve efficiency of the management of the Association.


  • Olena Perepelynska
  • Olena Perepelynska – Partner, Head of CIS Arbitration Practice at INTEGRITES International Law Firm, Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (FCIArb).




Secretary General

Serhii Uvarov – Counsel of the Cross-Border Litigation Practice at INTEGRITES International Law Firm








The Board of the Association includes:

  • Doudko Artem
  • Droug Olexander
  • Guillard Sazhko Anna
  • Khrapoutski Alexandre



  • Vladimir Khvalei

    Vladimir Khvalei – heads the CIS Dispute Resolution Practice Group at the Moscow office of the international law firm Baker & McKenzie. Vice president of the ICC International Court of Arbitration, Member of the Presidium of the Belorussian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Chairman of the Arbitration Commission of the Russian National Committee of the ICC.




Kostytska Maria


  • Markian Malskyy

    Markian Malskyy – Partner at Arzinger law firm, Head of Alternative Dispute Resolution Practice, Head of West Ukrainian Branch, Ph.D., attorney-at-law.






    Yaroslav Petrov

  • Yaroslav Petrov Partner at Asters law firm, specializes in dispute resolution and energy sector



Inspector shall exercise control over the financial activities of the Association.


Members of the Association can be an individual with a law degree, is a specialist in international commercial arbitration or have a professional interest in international commercial arbitration and share the goals and objectives of the Association.Read more

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