UAA XI Webinar 'How ISDS can be made more accessible for smaller claims/investors'

UAA are pleased to announce that our XI Webinar took place!


20 January 2021

17:00 Kyiv time


The question of “How ISDS can be made more accessible for smaller claims/investors” was addressed from three perspectives:

  • State’s perspective;
  • Tribunal’s perspective; 
  • Investor’s perspective


Please watch the streaming of the Webinar here.



Anna Guillard-Sazhko, UAA Board Member

Olena Perepelynska, UAA President



Dr. Veronika Korom, Partner at Queritius, president of the Hungarian Arbitration Association (France/Hungary)

Dr. Michele Potestà, Counsel at Lévy Kaufmann-Kohler (Switzerland)

Dr. Jaroslav Kurdna, Legal Advisor - Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic (the Czech Republic)

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