Mikhail Vishnyakov

Date of birth: 1986

Education: University of Bristol, Law LLB (2.1)

Year of graduation - 2008

BPP Law School, Legal Practice Course (Distinction)

Year of graduation - 2009

Title, scientific degree, academic or other status: LLB, MCiarb

Language skills:

  • Russian 
  • English 
  • Greek

Current place of work:

Counsel at Cooke, Young & Keidan LLP

Field(s) of specialization:

International arbitration, Litigation, Sanctions, Bribery/Compliance

Arbitration experience

LCIA - 9 arbitrations

ICC - 7 arbitrations

SCC - 3 arbitrations

UNICITRAL 1976 - 2 arbitrations


ICC, YAF, LCIA Young International Arbitration Group, Young Istanbul Arbitration Centre, Hungarian Arbitration Association, RAA40.

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