UAA celebrates its 10th anniversary!

In November, the Ukrainian Arbitration Association (UAA) celebrates its 10th anniversary.

Established in 2012, in 10 years, the UAA has become the main driving force promoting Ukraine as a venue for international arbitration, promoting greater usage of international arbitration in Ukraine, establishing an arbitration-friendly environment in Ukraine, expanding knowledge and exchange of experience, as well as enhancing cooperation among arbitration practitioners from around the world. We are determined to continue making every effort to lead these activities further in the years to come.

In 10 years, the UAA has undertaken and completed a number of important projects and initiatives, to mention just a few activities we are proud of: 

  • Creating a Database of Arbitrators suitable to sit in Ukraine-related international arbitrations: 
  • Elaborating proposals to improve arbitration law and related procedural regulation in Ukraine
  • Filing Amicus Curiae Briefs in landmark arbitration-related court cases
  • Conducting research and preparing a report on arbitration-related court practice in Ukraine for the 2006-2020 period:
  • Organizing the Annual International Arbitration School since 2013
  • Organizing online and offline events, workshops, and hot-topic discussions:
  • Collecting and publishing all Ukraine’s BITs in all official languages:

The full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine has reshaped our lives but didn’t discourage us from moving forward and continue advancing our cause. Despite the war, the UAA continues to function and provide its members with various opportunities for professional growth including our initiative to promote our members based in Ukraine #AppointUkrainianArbitrator. We have also organized a number of discussions to tackle the main legal issue of today: how to make russia accountable for the war? In addition, the UAA launched an urgent call for action to prevent further genocide of Ukrainians:

We sincerely believe that the UAA will continue playing a key role in the development and promotion of arbitration in Ukraine after the victory.

We thank all our old and new members and supporters who believed in us from the beginning and who today stay by our side.

We would like to also thank the current and former members of the UAA’s governing authorities for their efforts and dedication.

We continue working on the realization of our objectives and hope that the next ten years will be prosperous for the UAA and Ukrainian arbitration community. We are also looking forward to hosting you in Ukraine and properly celebrating our anniversary after the victory.

Glory to Ukraine!

Members of the Association can be an individual with a law degree, is a specialist in international commercial arbitration or have a professional interest in international commercial arbitration and share the goals and objectives of the Association. Read more