UAA joined the ERA-PLEDGE initiative for gender equality in the field of arbitration

The Ukrainian Arbitration Association has joined the movement, which promotes gender diversification of the arbitral tribunal and works to provide equal opportunities for women to participate in arbitration tribunals.

The so-called "PLEDGE", which is gaining popularity in the world of arbitration, was born in 2015 with the efforts of an initiative group of women. It promotes gender equality and participation of women arbitrators in court sessions, as well as helps eradicate the phenomenon of under-representation of women in this field. The Ukrainian Arbitration Association, did not pass by this initiative, as well.

"PLEDGE" is aimed at promoting the representation of women in arbitration on an equal opportunity as men. It represents concrete and effective steps that the arbitration community can and should make.

The most interesting thing is that this is not just propaganda, the committee is really working - there is a whole section on the site where you can find information on how to find a suitable female arbitrator, relying on professional experience and the specifics of the sphere. At the same time, the search can be performed with the help of such databases as: Arbitral Women, ASA Profiles, Energy Arbitrators List, GAR's Arbitrator Research Tool, IAI, JAMS, VIAC. Besides, in case you need help in selecting a specialist, the Steering Committee created the ERA Search Committee. All you need to do in order to use the service is to fill out the form on the website.

More information about ERA Pledge can be found on the website of the initiative organizers.

Members of the Association can be an individual with a law degree, is a specialist in international commercial arbitration or have a professional interest in international commercial arbitration and share the goals and objectives of the Association.Read more

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