UAA updated its Brochure with the List of Arbitrators

Ukrainian Arbitration Association has revised and updated the Database of Arbitrators suitable to sit in Ukraine-related international arbitrations.

The List of Arbitrators is distributed at the events organized by the UAA and is offered to various international arbitration centers for the purposes of institution appointments, as well as to arbitration users seeking candidates for party-appointment (nomination) or selection of the president of the tribunal. The Database of Arbitrators can be found here and the updated version of the Brochure with the List of Arbitrators can be found here.

In light of the full-scale war of aggression waged by the Russian Federation against Ukraine, the UAA believes that certain candidates shall not be suitable to sit in the Ukraine-related cases  and, therefore, cannot feature in the UAA Database. The UAA Board has revised the Procedure for Listing accordingly. In particular, the candidate will not be included into the Database if:

  • The candidate holds citizenship of the Russian Federation or Republic of Belarus (even if in addition to the citizenship of another country and irrespective of his/her personal position regarding the Russian aggression);
  • The candidate personally or his / her firm (with which the candidate is employed or otherwise associated) work for the Russian Federation, Republic of Belarus, state-owned entities / enterprises / companies of the Russian Federation or Republic of Belarus, or persons subject to sanctions (sanctions of the G7 and Ukraine);
  • With due regard to all available information, the UAA Board concludes that the candidate has other significant connection to the Russian Federation or Republic of Belarus; or
  • The candidate fails to condemn the aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine (including invasion and illegal occupation of Crimea, invasion of Donetsk and Luhansk regions, full-scale military aggression since 2022).

The UAA Board has full authority to decide on compliance with the specified criteria of the new candidates as well as of arbitrators who have been already included to the List arbitrators taking into account the provided and discovered information as to any existing or potential connection of the candidate with russia or belarus.

The list is open, so any person wishing to join the List and meeting the mandatory requirements may file an application addressed to the Secretary-General (at and accompanied with the CV and the completed Questionnaire in accordance with the Procedure for Listing.

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